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Maintaining Your Carpet, Huntington Beach, Ca. 92646


 Whether your carpet is brand new or has been down on the floor for several years, it's important to maintain your carpet by taking care of spots and spills that occur on a regular basis. At KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning in Huntington Beach Ca. 92646, we always encourage our clients to take care of their carpets in between professional cleaning.

And , as the video mentioned, stay away from the cheap, store bought spotters. Maintaining your carpet with these products will make more problems then they solve. Why? Because these spotters tend to have too much detergent in the formula, so it leaves behind a soapy film after spotting that will just attract more soil back to the area you treated. And since no rincing is done in spot cleaning, then chances are that those spots will always show up even after cleaning. one nice tip that has worked well for many homeowners over the years has been the use of household vinegar as a carpet spotter. It never leaves behind a residue like soap does, and it keeps the stain from reappearing. So if you want to keep maintaining your carpet the right way each time, and keep it looking great all year round, then try the suggestions provided in this video, and don't forget to have the vinegar on hand as well. At KleenSmart in Huntington Beach Ca. 92646, we would be glad to assist you with any carpet cleaning questions you may have. Just click the link on this article and give us a call.

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