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Professional Carpet Cleaning Or Do It Yourself?

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 If you are thinking that doing the carpet cleaning yourself with a Rug Doctor, or maybe a do it yourself machine you buy at a hardware store is going to save you money and give you professional results, take a look at this video and decide between the cost of the rental machine, the cost of the cleaning chemicals, and a very important cost, your time. To be fair , we realize that there are going to be certain situations where maybe you would be better off doing it yourself. There are some people who may be renting a place where the carpet is old and maybe rather worn and want to just save some money and try their hand at it. And too, alot of people are convinced that they can get the same results in their cleaning it themselves as they would if they hired a professional carpet cleaner with a truck mounted steam cleaner. But if we are going to compare apples to apples, there really is no way a small rental extractor or one you buy yourself will ever have the power and hot water needed to get the results that professional equipment can provide. You will likely spend four times the amount of hours trying to clean it yourself and it will never match up to what a professional carpet cleaner can produce. But, we will never stand in the way of those who perhaps enjoy cleaning their own carpets. But this information will give you some strong reasons for hiring KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning here in the Long Beach area for real professional results the first time. We are also available for service in the Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach area's as well. Call us at: 1-562-260-1326. Also call: 1-888-806-3569 if you want to have some info on how to make sure you choose a professional carpet cleaner and not get ripped off.