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Professional Tile Cleaner in Action

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 This video shows you some amazing results when you hire a professional tile cleaner in your home or office. As you noted in the video, the grout lines are scrubbed with a special brush that is tappered to fit right down into the grout lines. Each grout line is brushed and scrubbed which breaks up the embedded soil or surface tension so that the final cleaning results as you noticed wil speak for themselves.

 If you try cleaning the tile yourself, there is no way of flushing out all the dirt and cleaner, so the tile will have patchy area's where it will not be completely clean. Add to that, many do it yourselfer's use the wrong cleaners which add to the poor results. Tile cleaning is very labor intensive and many choose to hire a professional tile cleaner and get the better results they want anyway. The special tool you see in the video is the tool we use. It blasts the soil in the grout lines out under high pressure and extracts it outside to a waste tank where it is disposed of later, away from your property. We operate in cleaning temperatures of well over 200 degree's which if you do it yourself, those cleaning temperatures could not be tolerated or achieved. At KleenSmart Carpet and Tile Cleaning, our professional tile cleaner products as well as commercial equipment will leave your tile looking like new again, and it will stay clean longer when it it is cleaned with our special cleaning solutions. So instead of trying to clean yout tile yourself, call KleenSmart, your professional tile cleaner. 1-562-260-1326