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Many homeowners attempt to clean their own tile themselves, either by having a maid service clean it by hand using a toothbrush on their hands and knee's or by just mopping it regularly as party of the housecleaning. Over time the grout lines become heavily soiled because the mop water is usually not very clean after a lot of use, and lets be honest, housekeepers and even the most well intentioned homeowner just does not have the expertise to clean their tile and grout properly. The professional tile cleaning provided by KleenSmart Carpet , upholstery, and tile services in Newport Beach has over 20 years experience and skill in cleaning tile and grout. We have a special tool designed to blast the dirt out of the grout lines, extracting all of the soil out to our waste tank outside in our van. The result? Your tile will look like new again. KleenSmart Carpet and Tile Cleaning provides professional tile cleaning in Newport Beach, and all other beach cities including Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Seal Beach, and the Long Beach area.We can be reached at : 1-562-260-1326.  For professional tile cleaning in Newport Beach and surrounding cities, call KleenSmart today.