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Professional furniture stain removal on carpet, Long Beach, Ca.


  This video from a professional carpet cleaning company is just one of the examples that shows some of the newer technology that is available to carpet cleaners when it comes to removing what was once impossible stains of this nature. In the old days the only option we had available for furniture stains was to cut the damaged carpet out and patch in a new piece, which if you have ever had that done, it looks less then desirable. You usually have a remnant of new carpet leftover from the original installation stored away in the garage just for situations like this or some other damage that may have occured on your carpet. At KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning in Long Beach, Ca. we have been professionally cleaning carpet, as well as upholstery, and ceramic tile and grout cleaning and sealing. On an everyday basis we come across all kinds of stains on carpet that we are able to remove. And we will be honest in saying that not all stains can be completely removed in some cases, but as was mentioned, many new technologies have come on board that have helped us as professional carpet cleaners to achieve measurable success. Enjoy this video and if we can help you with professional furniture stain removal, call us at: 1-562-260-1326 .