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 This is a video testimony about  the quality services we provide at KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning. My long time friend and very professional realtor agent Mary Ebersole in Long Beach was kind enough to give her honest feelings about our carpet cleaning services. I have had the priveledge of working with Mary and her husband, both outstanding realtors, and a joy to work with. They have trusted and relied on our professional services here at KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning for several years . It is always enjoyable to recieve a realtor testimony for KleenSmart. We could tell you ourselves about our great service here at Kleensmart, but if an actual client is happy with our service, then all the better, and certainly more believable. When it comes to offering our expert carpet cleaning services, we understand that our realtor community wants their listings to make the best positive first impression. From the moment that a potential buyer walks into a prepared home, all area's of each room send a message. Yes, they look at the decor, the colors and how the home is staged, but they also look at the condition of the home, how clean it is as well. Flooring, good or bad, sends a message, and our job at KleenSmart is to make the carpet and tile of your listing make that important positive first impression. We thank Mary Ebersole for her positive realtor testimony, and invite any other professional real estate agents to call us as well. You can reach us at:1-562-260-1326