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Removing cat urine from carpet, Huntington Beach, Ca.

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This short video will give you some quick tips for removing cat urine from carpet. As this technician mentions, the cat urine may be severe and require a professional carpet cleaner. Cat urine removal is more difficult to remove than dog urine because cat urine seems to be more acidic in nature, so it is much stronger and more of an odor that dog. Added to that, cats have this habit of going into some corners of a room repeatedly and over time the urine begins to build up. With that much saturation, it is likely to migrate down into the padding, and no surface cleaning in the world is going to get that out or the odor for sure. There are too may who just spray anything when it comes to a spotter, and that in many cases will only compound the problem. For light urine accidents, many have found that a vinegar works very well in addressing cat urine removal if it is just a small pet accident. The key is to let the vinegar set for several hours and not dry, and then extract it with water using a wet and dry vac. You can Google alot of information on this procedure online. But again, for those extreme cases, KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning of Huntington Beach has been providing carpet , upholstery, and tile cleaning for the last 24 years. We also provide services for the removal of cat urine from carpet. If you have tried unsuccessfully to remove cat urine from carpet yourself, then call KleenSmart at: 1562-260-1326. Our services also cover other cities nearby such as: Newport Beach,Seal Beach, Sunset Beach and Long Beach and surrounding area's