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Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, Huntington Beach

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 Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, Huntington Beach

  In this short video, you can see clearly the difference between using a Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning. The home owner in this video attempted to clean her carpet herself using a rentel machine from a hardware store. As you can see in the presentation, the results were not very good. Why were the results not that great? Lets take a few moments and examine what makes up a portable rental machine.

First of all a Rug Doctor machine does not have built in heat for the water or cleaning solution. Hot water has always been shown to clean better then cold or warm tap water. So since the water is not hot enough, then it is difficult to remove soil and stains effectively. Many have found that using these rental machines also leave behind a large amount of water left in the carpet. This causes the carpet take longer to dry and since water is a carrier of dirt and soil, if you leave behind the water, you leave behind the dirt as the video showed.

Really you should leave a Rug Doctor to those who perhaps are renting an apartment and just want to get a quick brush over cleaning to get their deposit back. On the other hand homeowners should seriously consider have a professional carpet cleaning service take care of their carpets. At KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning we use powerful truck mounted hot water extraction equiptment to effectively clean your carpets the proper way. Our cleaning temperatures exceed over 200 degrees which also helps the carpet to dry faster.  We also have powerful extraction to remove most of the water and cleaning solution from the carpet. So if you are deciding between a Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, hopefully this information and video has been helpful. Give us a call at : 1-562-260-1326.