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Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, Long Beach Ca. 90815

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  This is an example of how having your carpets cleaned professionally compares to cleaning the carpet yourself with a Rug Doctor rental machine. In this video, a homeowner rented a Rug Doctor and attempted to clean the carpet herself. When the carpet dried she could see that the carpet had a dingy film on the carpet. So she called a professional carpet cleaner, seen in this video, and you can see for yourself the difference in the two results. Lets take a moment and examine the differences between a Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning.

As you noticed in the video, the professional carpet cleaner was showing the results obtained by cleaning the carpet with professional truck mounted equipment. One of the problems with a rental machine is that it leaves behind a lot of cleaning solution and water, the result being sometimes days before the carpet dries. Water is what carries dirt and soil out of the carpet. So is you leave behind the water, you leave behind the dirt. Also these portable rental machines do not have the capacity to maintain heat in the water, and as we all know, hot water cleans much better then lukewarm water especially on heavily soiled carpet. Many homeowners who have used a Rug Doctor or similar machine found that they had to make several passes over the carpet to get it clean and again this resulted in over wet carpet.

At KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning Long Beach Ca. 90815 our results in cleaning your carpet will settle the issue of using a Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning. We use the finest commercial equipment to blast the dirt and soil out of your carpet leaving it looking like new again. So for professional carpet cleaning call us at :1-562-260-1326