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Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning, Seal Beach

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  This is an example of how having your carpets cleaned professionally compares to cleaning the carpet yourself with a Rug Doctor rental machine. In this video, a homeowner rented a Rug Doctor and attempted to clean the carpet herself. When the carpet dried she could see that the carpet had a dingy film on the carpet. So she called a professional carpet cleaner, seen in this video, and you can see for yourself the difference in the two results.

Some of the problems related with the rental machines is the issue of overwetting. For one thing, the extraction pump in these machines is very small and doesn't really have the capacity to remove large volumes of water. So the result is that alot of water is left behind, and it takes several hours to several days to dry. And since the cleaning solution or water lifts or carries the water away from the fabric or carpet, if you leave the water, you leave the soil. And thats why the carpet in this video presentation had such a soiled look.

So now lets compare the two, the Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning. The professional equipment has the benefit of high pressure water extraction, coupled with high cleaning temperatures of over 200 degree's. High suction as well leaves the carpet lightly damp, not wet, so drying is just a few hours away. So when you get ready to clean your carpet any time soon, refer back to this article and video and call KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning. We will be happy to show you first hand the difference between a Rug Doctor vs. professional carpet cleaning. Call us at:1-562-260-1326.