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Spot cleaning area rug, Long Beach, Ca.


 According to this video, this is supposedly an ancient remedy for spot cleaning an area rug. I have to admit that I'm impressed with the technique being used here. The results were very impressive and as you could see from the presentation, the result was the removal of the spot. It's amazing how there are so many diverse way's of spot cleaning an area rug, and there are many other examples as well. Sometimes if you spill a large volume of some liquid like wine or juice then spot cleaning an area rug might be difficult without some extra equipment for extraction. But still, this was a great video on spot cleaning an area rug, so we all including myself, learned a new procedure. At KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning, we have been cleaning carpet, upholstery, and wool area rugs since 1990 here in the Long Beach area. We have available cleaning solutions and equipment designed just for spot cleaning an area rug, or full area rug cleaning. We also professionally clean carpet, upholstery, and tile. For service call us at: 1-562-260-1326.