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                                                         7 Reasons  Why You Should  Be Careful When Choosing  A Carpet Cleaner

. In most cities, carpet cleaners are not required to have any formal training in their field. So virtually anyone can get into the carpet cleaning business by advertising their services and you as a home owner will not be able to know if they have been properly trained or not.  You could be their next victim and many have.

. Some carpet cleaners use unethical marketing tactics to get your business. One popular one is called the “bait and switch” trick. They bait you with an ad offering an unbelievable low, low price. Once they get into your home, they switch to the other more expensive service, services that you may not need or want. Some carpet cleaners charge extra for procedures that should be included in the cleaning anyway. They rarely honor the bait price, and if they do, they will" blast" through the job real quick.

. In harmony with the bullet above, don’t ever fall for the unbelievable low price. It’s true, we all want to work within a budget, but professional carpet cleaning is not as cheap as some would have you believe. Super low prices usually mean super low service. No carpet cleaner with any common sense is going to deliver a great cleaning experience for a low, low price. The math just isn’t there. So avoid those types of carpet cleaners. Shop for value not just price. If you are reading this in cyber land, and happen to be a price shopper only, then you must be aware that most real professional carpet cleaners will not clean your carpet for a cheap price. Quality carpet cleaners are NOT the cheapest.

. Be careful if you see an ad from a carpet cleaner who claims to have an exclusive, one of a kind cleaning process. If it’s all that special then most carpet cleaners would find a way to copy it. In our experience, those companies’ put out a whole lot of sales pitch, and a teeny tiny amount of cleaning.

. Some dry chemical cleaning companies have made claims that steam cleaning, or hot water extraction will ruin your carpet. Not only is this claim not true, but it is good to note that nearly 90% of all carpet manufacturers prefer the hot water extraction method, preferably a truck mounted unit. Really, any cleaning process in the hands of someone not fully trained properly can ruin your carpet.

. If a carpet cleaner says that he can give you a firm price over the phone, you might want to think about that claim. No carpet cleaner can accurately guess at what size home you have or assume that you may know your room sizes exactly. All homes have different shapes and sizes and could have issues such as pet urine damage and other factors not included in the normal cleaning procedures. If a carpet cleaner wants to operate that way by giving you a hold him to the fire firm price quote over the phone, then they are asking for real problems for themselves. Honest, professional carpet cleaners cannot give a firm price over the phone. We are more than happy to give you an honest estimate, but we ask you to understand that it is just that, an estimate.

. Some people think that it doesn’t matter what kind of method is used to clean your carpet. Not true again. Some methods only do a surface cleaning. Some methods do not use hot water which kills germs, mold, fungus, and other contaminates. At KleenSmart we use a powerful truck mounted system which we have found gives the best results and again is recommended by most major carpet manufacturers.